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Custom Checks

For individuals who send a lot of checks, consider business checks to help get the job done. These standard design or customized checks are ideal for either home or business use and add consistency to financial transactions. Design unique custom checks with Staples® Print & Marketing Services and add a professional touch when doing business.

Design Personalized Checks
Add flair to personal checks by choosing fonts, colors, and graphics. Upload images to add logos, slogans, images, or personal photos to the checks with just a few clicks. Individuals can also customize checks using various color schemes to create a professional photo and color combination.

Safe and Secure Customized Checks
Checks designed online are just as secure as bank-issued checks. The finished checks have built in security features that eliminate the risk of fraud, duplication, or unauthorized access to accounts. Staples ensures all bank information remains private during the design process. Individuals can also purchase personalized checks with additional security features to enhance safety and privacy.

Checks Compatible with Popular Software
Along with custom business checks, standard design checks are great for those companies that write the occasional check by hand. Computer-printed checks made for large jobs are also available, and users will find them compatible with modern financial software.

Order matching deposit slips, envelopes, and checks for a professional and consistent appearance. Select checks for laser or inkjet printers, with 3-on-a-page, tear away check books, or with other holder styles for keeping payment records neat and organized. Delivery options and quantities vary by product.

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Computer Checks

Choose a check that matches your in-office printing requirements and security needs. And they're all compatible with most accounting software.

Formats available:

  • Continuous checks
  • High-security laser checks
  • Laser/Inkjet checks
  • Blank laser check stock

Manual Checks

If you don't write many checks or write checks on the go, then manual checks are a cost-effective solution. Choose the format that's most convenient for you.

Formats available:

  • 3 checks to a page
  • High security, 3 checks to a page
  • Laser/Inkjet checks
  • Single checks

Custom Checks

Use your checks to make a unique impression, helping your brand and your business stand out. You can start from scratch with our design-your-own checks.

  • 3-up custom laser check 81/2” x 11”
  • 1-up custom laser check 81/2” x 11”