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Supplier diversity program mission

Staples values diversity and recognizes how important diversity is to maintaining a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. The mission of our Diversity Supplier Program is to work with diverse businesses to reduce supply chain costs and to increase revenues by bringing superior products to market.

Connecting customers with suppliers

Staples' business-to-business Supplier Diversity Program helps our customers achieve their corporate diversity goals. We create vendor-buyer relationships that allow diverse organizations to continue to develop in our communities, while offering our customers a wider selection of quality products at competitive prices.

Diversity Council Affiliations

Staples is a member of the following national and regional diversity councils:

National Minority SupplierDevelopment Council Women's Business Enterprise National Council

Staples Belongs!

Corporate Member National Minority Supplier Development Council
Corporate Member Women's Business Enterprise National Council
Corporate Member Diversity Information resources
Corporate Member National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Additionally, we are members of many regional minority councils and women regional partner organizations including New England, Chicago and Georgia.