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Goals & Performance

Setting corporate responsibility goals and tracking our performance is one of our most important functions. It gives our company and our stakeholders the information and tools needed to make critical decisions today and tomorrow. See some of our ongoing and long-term goals below, and view performance information to the right.


  • Deepen associate community engagement by increasing awareness and participation in local volunteer opportunities
  • Increase associate involvement in company’s philanthropic initiatives
  • Focus support on local organizations to maximize impact in communities
  • Increase customer engagement in community giving through support of cause marketing campaigns


  • Sell more sustainable products and services.
    • Continue to improve sourcing, identification and the promotion of greener products to customers.
    • Reduce the use of outbound packaging materials in the U.S. by 20% by 2020 from a 2011 baseline.
  • Offer easy customer recycling solutions.
    • By 2020, recycle 100 million ink and toner cartridges each year across all operations.
    • By 2020, recycle 40 million pounds of eWaste each year globally.
  • Eliminate operational waste.
    • Reduce waste to landfills by 25% globally by 2020 with 2010 as a baseline.
  • Maximize energy efficiency and renewable energy.
    • Reduce the electrical intensity of our global operations by 25% by 2020 from a 2010 baseline.
    • Ensure that 50% of our active locations in the U.S. achieve ENERGY STAR® certification by 2020.
    • Reduce global carbon emissions by 50% by 2020 from a 2010 baseline.


  • Continue to increase the visibility and brand of the Global Ethics & Compliance Office and ethics program both domestically and internationally.
  • Through our global training platform (online), continue to provide easy access to associate training.
  • Continue to strengthen our FCPA/Anti-Corruption Program with an emphasis on our High Growth Markets.
  • Support the Chief Culture Officer in the successful implementation of his ethics-related objectives.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Be more intentional in our pursuit to hire women to fill open positions across all business units with special emphasis in areas where they are currently underrepresented. We will also be more deliberate in creating programs to develop and retain our female talent.
  • Offer programs designed to recognize and mitigate bias in hiring and performance management and further evolve our culture of inclusion, thereby enabling each associate to contribute to their full potential and help Staples further grow our business.
  • Continue our commitment to sourcing and hiring Veterans by engaging with external partners and through more robust internal Talent Acquisition strategies.