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At Staples, doing right is just as important as doing well. That's why we hold all our associates, from the boardroom to the store floor to the supply chain, to the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity. We also work hard to ensure all our associates, suppliers and partners understand and abide by our ethical standards.


Thinking globally

The Staples Global Code
of Conduct sets forth Staples’ expectations for ethical conduct, outlines how to take action if issues arise, and establishes best practices for anyone
acting on our behalf.


High standards

In addition to offering quality products at a great price, Staples holds its suppliers to a standard of labor practices, human rights and environmental responsibility.

Learn more about our
Supplier Code of Conduct

Contact the Global Ethics & Compliance Office

Call: 866-294-6446
Mail: Global Ethics Office
Staples, Inc
500 Staples Drive
Framingham, MA 01702

the charge

Our Global Ethics & Compliance Office and The Governance and Audit Committees of our Board of Directors work together to define Staples’ ethical standards at a corporate level. In addition, these leaders ensure our standards are being upheld globally, and develop ethics communications and training programs that support daily operations.

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ethics at work


Empowering associates

We’ve implemented programs to ensure Staples® associates have a comprehensive understanding of ethics issues and how to deal with them.

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empowering associates