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Associate Resources

Staples EthicsLink serves as a 24/7 ethics resource for all associates. Through this help line, they can ask for guidance on ethical and compliance issues and report suspected ethics violations. It’s available via the Web or phone in multiple languages at Staples® locations around the world. While hosted by a third party, it is administered by our Global Ethics & Compliance Office, which receives all reports to ensure proper follow-up and, when needed, immediate action.

In those countries where it is legally permitted, including in the United States, associates can report concerns and contribute to investigations through Staples EthicsLink anonymously. Regardless of the country, Staples complies with all applicable requirements regarding anonymity.

For more information, please visit Staples EthicsLink.

Download our Global Code
of Ethics

Contact the Global
Ethics & Compliance Office

Call: 866-294-6446
Mail: Global Ethics Office
Staples, Inc
500 Staples Drive
Framingham, MA 01702